Meet the Journey Venture Studio team

The Journey Venture Studio Team

A team built to win

The Journey Venture Studio team is a diverse team of industry and category experts with a broad network of support. We have the passion, experience, and expertise to empower diverse founders to build venture-backable companies.

Justin Bayless


Mark Moeremans

Managing Director

Jill Hawkins Johnson

Development Director

Nikki Haro

Business Operations Coordinator

Dr. Andrea Raby

Mental Health Coach

Dr. Jon McCaine

Mental Health Coach

Brian Wood

Leadership Coach

Board Members

A board of excellence

Our board of directors was carefully composed of remarkable individuals who have the experience, passions, and alignment with the Journey’s mission and vision. 

Justin Bayless

Board Member

Heidi Jannenga

Board Member

Andrew Lombard

Board Member

Jason Wood

Board Member

Ashok Santhanam

Board Member

Michael D. White, MD

Board Member