About the program

We identify, inspire, educate, and empower diverse entrepreneurs

Underrepresented individuals face a multitude of unique obstacles that prevent them from pursuing entrepreneurship. We’re here to change that.

Our proprietary program gives diverse leaders the skills and training necessary to succeed in the venture world while accounting for cultural sensitivities and challenges unique to underrepresented groups.

Meet Our Current Founders-in-Residence

The Journey Venture Studio is proud to present our inaugural group of founders. These three entrepreneurs are bright, ultra-driven, and ready to be a disruptive force for good. 

Imen Maaroufi Clark


Ekene Nkem-Mmekam


Program Highlights

Empowering the next generation of diverse founders

months of culturally competent leadership coaching and venture development training

Direct and in-kind financial support to relocate to phoenix and prototype and test venture concepts

How the Program Works for Founders

Over the course of eight months, entrepreneurs will receive culturally competent leadership coaching and venture development training. They will work with the Journey team to develop, prototype, and test a novel business model and a company creation plan.

The Journey provides each Founder-in-Residence $110,000 in direct and in-kind financial support, as well as support in areas of accounting, revenue cycle management, legal and compliance, IT, recruiting, and more. Founders will be expected to research, prototype, and test venture concepts, set a clear vision for the business, ensure a data-informed path towards product market fit, and manage an allocated budget for business building and validation.

At the end of the eight month residence program, founders will pitch in front of the Journey Board, sponsors, and partners to determine which concepts will receive funding to incorporate and go to market.

To be eligible to participate, entrepreneurs must reside in Phoenix for the eight-month program. During their time in the program, they can leverage the team’s network and other community resources.

Invest in the program

The Founder-in-residence program also provides opportunities for investors and philanthropists to get involved

Investors will have the ability to generate, validate, and launch innovative ideas through a robust and efficient process. Unique donor benefits include a tax deduction that generates a holistic return on your investments, and early visibility into portfolio companies for future potential investments.