the Founder’s Journey


Less than


of all venture capital funding goes to women or minority founders

In 2022, funding levels for diverse founders were at their lowest levels since 2016, with female and minority founders seeing a disproportionate decline.

We’re here to change that.

The Journey Venture Studio sources diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs to explore and build new ventures sitting at the forefront of innovation.

Our mission is to close the racial and gender opportunity gap by empowering diverse founders to pursue entrepreneurship while providing resources and support to increase their odds of success.

The Journey Approach

We are a mission-driven venture studio building disruptive healthcare companies in partnership with the next generation of diverse founders

Eliminating Barriers

We strive to eliminate the barriers associated with social determinants of entrepreneurship. We will identify areas and diverse founders to build differentiated new businesses that have impact on underserved communities.

Venture-Building Experience

We’re bringing a systematic approach to startup creation. We establish data-validated product-market fit early on, efficiently use capital for faster startup builds, and use cross-functional expertise to finally launch our ideas.

Culturally-Competent Leadership Development

We focus on the founder’s mental health, fighting imposter syndrome, and managing difficult conversations. We also walk through finding role models, fundraising, and giving and receiving feedback.

Introducing The

Founder-In-Residence Program

Our mission behind the Journey Founder-in-Residence program is to identify, inspire, educate, and empower diverse entrepreneurs in our tailored eight month venture program.

months of culturally competent leadership coaching and venture development training

Direct and in-kind financial support to relocate to phoenix and prototype and test venture concepts

Partner with the Journey Venture Studio

If you have the passion and drive to become the next standout minority founder, you could be the perfect fit for the Founder-in-Residence Program. If you believe in supporting diverse founders and expanding opportunities and wealth to more communities, partner with Journey Venture Studio to receive unique donor benefits and exclusive visibility into the most promising startups coming out of Arizona.